New Pricing On T2 Pallet Spacers

For more information: Bob Tippmann, Tippmann Engineering: 260-234-2151

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FORT WAYNE, IN (July 31st, 2017):  Tippmann Engineering (TE) is offering new volume pricing on their revolutionary T2 Spacer System. The single axis layout of the Tippmann Engineering T2 Spacer is proven to outperform the competition by allowing you to freeze pallets up to 40% faster.  The crush-proof design provides consistent airflow, which eliminates partial freezing and reduces purge during tempering.

The new pricing of $16 each is offered on pallet quantities of 150 pieces, FOB Ft. Wayne, IN.  If ordering in quantities of 6,000 pieces or more the price drops to $12 each and includes delivery in the continental U.S.

The T2 Spacers are offered in 2 styles, allowing the spacers to work in the patented QF+ In-Rack Freezing System as well as in a traditional blast cell. Both designs offer single axis channels, which direct airflow for faster freezing.  The crush-proof spacers which have been traditionally offered in black, now ship in gray only.

The new pricing will apply to all orders shipping after August 1st, 2017.  Experience the difference of the T2 Spacer by contacting Tippmann Engineering at 260-234-2151 to request a free sample pack.

Learn more about the T2 Spacer here:


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