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The days of “If you build it, they will come” are gone. Why invest in capital expenditures when you don’t have the account yet?  With QFM, lead times for building your blast freezer have disappeared.  Now you can build it when you know it is coming.  QFM units are in stock and can arrive at your specified location within 1 week anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.


QFM works with same patented QuickFreeze technology, which cools by pulling air through the product for consistent and predictable freezing. Plus it freezes product up to 80% faster than conventional blast freezers. QFM is the fastest way to freeze palletized product for the most energy efficient, cost-effective building solution. Operational challenges are eliminated.

On average QFM will generate 26X the revenue of a standard pallet position.

The “M” stands for Maximum airflow, Modular, Mobile…or just plain majic.


As with QF+, airflow is the most important factor in removing heat during the freezing process. This proven principle is the basis for QF+ and QFM. By drawing air through each pallet, heat is pulled away as quickly as the product will release it, providing speed, consistency, and predictability.

Maximize Airflow – A dedicated fan and plenum rapidly pulls air through the pallet rather than blasting air at it.

  • Modular – Users can install & remove QFM themselves. This allows equipment to be moved to other locations or stored off season.
  • Faster 
    • QFM freezes up to 80% faster than conventional blast and up to 40% faster than QF+
    • Faster and consistent freezing results in higher quality product
    • Fastest freezing times in the industry
  • Smarter
    • Occupancy Sensing: QFM starts when a pallet is placed in front of the QFM System
    • IoT: Data logging, remote control, WiFi, JSON Communication
    • Adjustable Dwell Time: Change the cycle time remotely through API or web interface
  • Agile
    • Works with existing racking
    • Easily expandable
    • Allows you to adjust for seasonal product freezing fluctuations
    • Eliminates downtime with no batch freezing
    • Allows you to freeze occupied pallet positions only
  • Specifications
    • Unit weight: 274 lbs.
    • Shipping weight: 578 lbs. (2units)
    • Motor: Zielh-Abegg ECBlue
    • Opening height max: 83″
    • Opening Height min: 49″
    • Product height max: 77″
    • Product height min: 23″
    • Automatic height adjustment: 20″
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